The CNBC Logroño Story is Edited and Released!

4 JULY 2024

CNBC did a great job editing our footage into a short video about Eric and Jess. We are super happy about the results!

Filming for CNBC in Logroño

 15 MAY 2024

We spent a day filming with an American couple Jess and Eric Smith in Logroño for an CNBC show “Make It”. A peak into the lives in recent expats finding their way to a new life in Spain. 


Filming Waterfalls in Burgos, Spain

13 APRIL 2024

Another beautiful day that felt more like summer than spring. So happy to be outside in the nature!

Realestate Photography in Chile’s Patagonia

5 JULY 2023

In the short time we spent in Chile we got to photograph some beautiful homes. This one is at the edge of Patagonia in a wild valley near Pucón in southern Chile. All images produced for Monika and Peter at Arucania Propiedades.

Filming “We Belong”

6 MARCH 2023

Filming in Vancouver – this is our 10th film for Accessible Media! We got to meet some amazing people and visit many interesting places.

Editing Away

4 JANUARY 2023

Working yet on another episode of “Our Community” for Accessible Media Inc. This time it’s about blind or visually impaired youth partaking in a fashion show. The episode is called “Limitless Beauty” and it’s airing on AMI on June 22, 2023

Return to the Water

26 OCTOBER 2022

Osoyoos Lake Water Science Forum 2022
Filming salmon jumping

Five years after we produced “A River Film”, we are back in Southern Okanagan filming a water forum in Osoyoos. Organized by the Okanagan Basin Water Board, the forum focuses on the collaboration of the various parties that share their interest in the watershed. We are producing a short documentary follow up on the original film. When finished, it will be posted on the OBWB website (

Wine Photography: Q&A

20 OCTOBER 2022

Taking photos of wine bottles always poses challenges – but the results are very rewarding. The high-end Q&A brand produced by Winemaker’s Cut and its owner and winemaker Michal Mosny.

Another Documentary for AMI: "Limitless Beauty"

16 OCTOBER 2022

“Limitless Beauty” is a fashion show where the models are visually impaired young people braving the catwalk for the first time. Whenever we work with people with disabilitites we feel so humbled and inspired at the same time. Their determination, courage, and sheer enthusiasm is truly contagious.

This new documentary will air on AMI some time in the late spring 2023.

Fun in The Mountains Over Kelowna


Having fun with the beautiful Okanagan vistas…..

Our Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Drone Gets to Fly for a Movie Production in Penticton


Team Bakala at work for Wild Goat Surf film production in Penticon along the shores of Skaha Lake. Another day at the office – the best part is that we have the privilege to work together every day! One more day like this coming up at the end of September.

Filming at Kelowna Motor Werke

20 AUGUST 2022

We are filming with some amazing car mechanics at Kelowna’s premium European car repair shop Motor Werke for Curator Studios. Fun hanging around some very unique (and expensive) cars!

A New Episode for AMI “Our Community”

12 AUGUST 2022

We have just completed first part of filming a new episode of Our Community for AMI, this time about fashion. More filming to be done in October – and promise, it’s supposed to be glamorous 🙂

"Changing Lanes" on AMI

6 AUGUST 2021

This month we have four documentaries airing on AMI. The first one, an episode from a mini-series Changing Lanes entitled Luke Jukes’ Story, will broadcast on August 12th at 7:30 PDT. In the meantime, here is a promo:

More Awards for “The Biggest Wish” & a Broadcast License

17 FEBRUARY 2021

2 more awards as of February 2021. We are very proud of our film. Also, the film has been licensed by CHEK TV in Victoria BC.

Our Film “The Biggest Wish” is Winning More Awards…


Our documentary film “The Biggest Wish” has played at 7 international film festivals, winning 9 awards.

"The Biggest Wish" Wins 3 Awards at ImpactDOCS

4 AUGUST 2020  

We are very proud to announce that our most recent film has been accepted to five international film festivals, already winning 3 awards! More to come….

"The Biggest Wish" Documentary Music Scoring

22 MAY 2020

We are getting closer to completing our documentary “The Biggest Wish”. Inspired by a Czech documentary film director Jan Špáta, the film explores the wishes and concerns of random passerbys we met over the last two years in the North-Western Canada and US. Last week we spent 4 great days with our music composer Stu Goldberg, who scored stunningly beautiful original music for the film.

"The Joy Of Expression” Premieres on AMI

15 MAY 2020

Our most recent documentary “The Joy of Expression”, we produced for Accessible Media Inc., will premiere on Canadian television and cable on May 21, 2020. Make sure you don’t miss it. The film introduces a group of unique creative individuals that make art from their heart.

Another Documentary Filming Wrapped

21 JANUARY 2020

We have wrapped the principal photography on another half-hour TV documentary for AMI, entitled “The Joy of Expression”. Currently, we are completing rough cut of the film. This is our first project completely edited and finished on Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Symphony Orchestra Documentary in the Works

15 DECEMBER 2019

“Behind the Notes” is a documentary film about the musicians of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra and their love for music.

Winemaker’s CUT

12 AUGUST 2019

Stay tuned…… a series of new films we are working on for our friends at Winemaker’s CUT are coming….. at some point 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at the first episode.

"The Joy of Sailing" Screening!

18 JULY 2019

Today is the premiere of our short documentary “The Joy of Sailing” on AMI television networks and we have a public screening at the Kelowna Yacht Club. Jiri was interviewed about the film by Brady Strachan this morning on CBC Daybreak South.

Advanced Operations Licensed

28 JUNE 2019

The new and very strick rules for operating drones in Canada are in effect since June 1st and in order to fly, one has to be fully licensed by Transport Canada. We are now one of the first companies licensed for Advanced Operations. That means, we are able to leagally fly near airports, heliports, urban areas, and many other places.

A Production for Interior Health Completed

20 JUNE 2019

We have completed several videos for Interior Health, featuring their program Physician Quality Improvement. It’s always so interesting to be able to see other people’s world, what they do, why and how. From Volvo Construction machines, to water management, to the health system, the always changing topics that we cover in our work make our life challenging and very satisfying.

In Production for Accessible Media

12 MAY 2019

We have just finished principal photography on episode titled “The Joy of Sailing” for AMI’s (Accessible Media Inc.) “Our Community” about disabled sailing on the Okanagan Lake.

Update: Above is the broadcast version of the finished film.

"A River Film" Wins Main Award


Our film received the 2018 Oregon Film Awards main prize – Platinum Award in Documentary Feature Competition.

The Oregon International Film Awards® are presented each year in several categories including four top recognition levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Awards are limited and presented only to those films and filmmakers that demonstrate a superior level of craftsmanship and quality. In addition, Grand Prize awards are presented to the best project in each main competitive category and Special Jury Awards are presented to films and filmmakers that show originality of vision and creativity.

Needless to say, we are very proud of our accomplishment.

"A River Film" - The Cinema Version


For those who would like to watch the film, here is the “cinema” version. Enjoy!

Gold In Alaska

20 AUGUST 2018

Well, maybe not gold, but certainly some very large trucks. A fun job making a 10-minute mini documentary about the new Volvo A60 articulated hauler truck, as well as taking stills and upon our return back to Kelowna, writing an article for Volvo Spirit magazine. Eventhough we did spend a couple of days right at the Pogo Gold Mine located some 40 miles south-east from Fairbanks, sadly, we never got to hold any actual gold in our hands. Perhaps, next time.

Our Award is Here

10 JUNE 2018

And it does look like a “mini Oscar” 🙂

Flooding USA 2018

1 JUNE 2018

Last week we have delivered a 10-minute aerial film showing the devastation of the flooding south of the Osoyoos Lake in the Washington State. Another project for the Washington State Department of Ecology.

"A River Film" Screening At NOAA

3 MAY 2018

We took part in the film screening for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Portland, Oregon. The screening was followed by an enthusiastic Q&A, with many scientific water and salmon-focused questions, mostly answered by Al Josephy from the Washington State Depratment of Ecology.

Our Short Doc Selected in Tokyo

9 APRIL 2018

Our film “Of Man & Machine” has been selected for Lift-Off Global film festival in Tokyo. Very proud!

"A River Film": In a Sold-out Theater in Oliver


An exciting news; our film won the prestigious Award of Excellence at the Impact DOCS Awards. We have still several more festivals in the works, so fingers crossed, there might be more 🙂

“A River Film” Wins Award Of Excellence

25 OCTOBER 2017

Definitively a fun night, enjoying the outcome of nearly two years of our hard work. Thank you my darling wife Lucie – the film producer!

"A River Film" – Completed, Well, Almost…


Here is an earlier teaser. A brand new trailer is being edited right now. Also, the masters have been completed and exported. What’s left to do is a 5.1 surround sound mix and a DCP encoding of the Scope version (theatrical 2.39:1 wide screen). The premiere is scheduled in Oliver Theatre on October 25th at 7:00 p.m.

"Of Man & Machine" Receives Another Festival Nod


Our short documentary film about the Hoe printing press has received another festival acknowledgment, this time in Kalmthout Belgium. Kudos to Michael Leclair and Lucie Bakala; well done!

Our Go-Anywhere Production Vehicle: "Runnie"

19 MARCH 2017

A little mud off-road testing of our “Runnie” on Blue Mountain on the west side of the Okanagan Lake. So much fun! Just waiting for a heavy-duty roof rack and the transformation will be complete.

Winter Filming on Skaha Lake

11 FEBRUARY 2017

The Okanagan Valley is truly beautiful – especially when the sun is out.

Our Drone License is Here!

16 JANUARY 2017

We are proud to announce that we have received our Special Flight Operations Certificate making Ascent Films Inc. a licensed drone operator.

River Film Update

29 NOVEMBER 2016

The on-going production on the River Film for the Department of Ecology Washington State continues. We have completed autumn scenes in the southern Okanagan, Canada and Oroville, USA, as well as some ground and aerial filming at the Zosel Dam. Next, waiting for snow and sub-zero temperatures to capture winter scenes in the region.

Volvo Construction Equipment Shoot

30 JUNE 2016

We have just returned from a production trip to Red Deer, Alberta, where we filmed a corporate video for Volvo CE. So much fun trying to avoid magnetic interference for the 3DR’s GPS unit in a metal recycling yard. 🙂

Springfield Funeral Home Commercial Shoot

16 JUNE 2016

We are in full production of two new 30-second TV commercials for Springfield Funeral Home in Kelowna. Using some new ideas and technology with our VFX specialist Vern Giammartino in Toronto doing some magic 🙂  Stay tuned.

Another Festival for "Of Man & Machine"

31 MARCH 2016

We are in the official selection!

Indie Fest Red Carpet

24 MARCH 2016

The Red Carpet is fun. Especially if we also win something. With the hottest celebrity at the festival!

We Won The “Best Story” Award

24 MARCH 2016

Last night here in Kelowna, as one of the last film screenings at the old Paramount Theatre on Bernard, together with 10 others, our film “Of Man & Machine” was shown as a part of the Okanagan Indie Fest 2016. We won The Best Story in Short Documentary Award. Thank you!

"Of Man & Machine" is in The Indie Fest

16 MARCH 2016

Our film, “Of Man & Machine” has been accepted to the Kelowna Indie Fest, Short Films & Docs festival. Congratulations and thanks to all, especially Lucie & Michael Leclair.

Harmony Day 2016 Video Done

31 JANUARY 2016

The edit of this year’s Harmony Day video is done. It was a lot of fun to use FCP X and its multicamera syncing capabilities. Flawless. We had some 16-17 different camera angles and the editor synced all of them perfectly to the master sound track. From there it was a breeze to do a “live-to-tape” edit.

The Art Of Wine

26 NOVEMBER 2015

Filming on a cold but beautiful day at Lunessence Winery in Summerland. There’s something about a vineyard in the winter time; serenity, peace, expectations….

KGI – Manufacturing at its Best


The last day of field production at KGI, capturing the exciting visuals of heavy manufacturing in the Southern Okanagan. Ron, Lucie, and Jiri filming in the welding area of the axle plant in Cawston.

Lunessence – An Autumn in The Vineyard

4  NOVEMBER 2015

Our filming at Lunessence, a Summerland-based winery, continues, spending beautiful autumn days flying our new 3DR drone over the vineyard and getting harvest footage with the amazing Sony F5.

Photo credit: Lucie Bakala

“Of Man & Machine”

13 OCTOBER 2015

We have just completed the principal photography on a short documentary about the Hoe Cylinder Press, a beautifully restored printing press from 1860′s. The huge, manually powered and operated machine is kept at the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. The film is produced by Michael Leclair and will premiere at a vintage printing press conference in Rochester in less than two weeks.

BC Liberals Meet Up Event


Filming an event with BC premier Christy Clark in Westbank.

Lots Happening

1  AUGUST 2015

Our summer has been quite busy so far. We are producing multiple corporate and documentary films. From some initial filming for KGI (an axle manufacturing company in Cawston, BC), to videos for Dr. Brown, and our Liberal candidate Steven Fuhr. September is looking busy too with a short documentary about an early newspaper press at the Black Creek Village in Toronto and two broadcast documentaries.

A Busy Year Ahead

6 June6 2015

Happy New Year everyone! We have a whole list of new projects in the works, as they say in the tinsel town, “in various stages of development”. Two sports documentaries in Montreal, a short nature film in the Okanagan, a film about the Columbia River, a music project in China, and hopefully, also finally our food/travel/legends series Double Happiness! Off to a busy start!

Amazing Fisherman

17 APRIL 2015 

Beautiful blue heron fishing on the shores of the Okanagan Lake. So patient and so skillful. I feel so privileged to be able to spend the day outside observing and filming these beautiful animals. Filming Munson Pond. A little wilderness sanctuary in the middle of the city.